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Intellectual Ventures -- Like Microsoft (Which It Came From) -- Spreads Patents to Manifest a Lot of Lawsuits

Internationaal Linux nieuws - 23 maart, 2017 - 06:42
That worrisome strategy which is passage of patents to active (legally-aggressive) trolls seems to be a commonality, seen across both Microsoft and its biggest ally among trolls, which Microsoft and Bill Gates helped create and still fund
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Rugged, expandable 3.5-inch Skylake SBC supports Linux

Internationaal Linux nieuws - 23 maart, 2017 - 05:19
Diamond’s 3.5-inch “Venus” SBC offers an Intel 6th Gen CPU, -40 to 85°C support, up to 20GB of ruggedized RAM, and mini-PCIe and PCIe/104 OneBank. The Venus is “believed to be the very first rugged small form factor single-board-computer” based on Intel’s 6th Generation “Skylake” Core processors, says Diamond Systems. This may well be true, depending on how you define “rugged” and “SBC.”
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It's Official: Linux Users Can Now Watch Netflix Movies Using Mozilla Firefox

Internationaal Linux nieuws - 23 maart, 2017 - 02:42
It took them a few years to realize that Linux could be a very important player for their video-on-demand streaming platform, and now Netflix is announcing that it "finally" supports playback on the Mozilla Firefox web browser.
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Toughened up PC/104 SBC runs Linux

Internationaal Linux nieuws - 23 maart, 2017 - 01:19
WinSystems unveiled a rugged “PCM-C418” SBC with a dual-core, Vortex86DX3SoC, Fast and Gigabit Ethernet ports, SATA and CF storage, and PC/104 expansion. The WinSystems PCM-C418 SBC offers a combination of PC/104 expansion, GbE and Fast Ethernet ports, shock and vibration resistance, and a Linux-friendly, x86-based Vortex86DX3 SoC — attributes shared by the Diamond Systems Helix […]
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Blender - Your FOSS 3D Software

Internationaal Linux nieuws - 22 maart, 2017 - 23:56
If you are into game development, video editing, or 3D modeling as a professional or a hobby, then Blender is a tool you should definitely look at. Blender is a FOSS solution/alternate to many commercial tools that are available and it is able to strongly match most of these commercial tools. Blender is a cross-platform application which means you can not only run it on Linux but also on Windows and MacOS. Blender is well suited to individuals and small studios who benefit from its unified pipeline and responsive development process. It supports the entirety of the 3D pipeline, anything from modeling, rigging, animation, simulation, rendering, compositing and motion tracking, video editing and game creation.
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Some Firefox 52 Users on Linux Left Without Sound

Internationaal Linux nieuws - 22 maart, 2017 - 22:33
The issue at the heart of this problem is that Mozilla dropped support for ALSA (Advanced Linux Sound Architecture) and is now requiring Linux users to have installed the PulseAudio library to support audio playback inside Firefox.
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Two open source secure email services

Internationaal Linux nieuws - 22 maart, 2017 - 21:10
As much we all complain about email, for most of us, email is still our primary conduit for online communication. That said, numerous hacks and revelations about government surveillance have made it clear that email is also one of the most vulnerable of those conduits.What you send via email is your business and yours alone. Besides you and the recipient, no one else should be reading that message. Not hackers, not government agencies, and definitely not nosy siblings or friends.read more
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rtop – A Nifty Tool to Monitor Remote Server Over SSH

Internationaal Linux nieuws - 22 maart, 2017 - 19:47
rtop is a simple, agent-less, remote server monitoring tool that works over SSH.
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14 Practical Examples of Linux Find Command for Beginners

Internationaal Linux nieuws - 22 maart, 2017 - 18:24
Find is one of the most frequently used Linux commands, and it offers a plethora of features in the form of command line options. In this tutorial, which is aimed at beginners, we will discuss the basic usage of the command as well as some of the useful command line options it offers.
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How Things Work Today or The Joys of Consulting

Internationaal Linux nieuws - 22 maart, 2017 - 17:01
A person with company A has a concern about some work that needs to be done. They call outsource IT firm B with whom they have a contract. Firm B has nobody on staff with the required experience. Company B is big and well known. Their solution: call recruiter C who in turn checks their database and realizes that Linux systems consultant D has the experience. Hi! I'm D.
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Tools for PDF modification on Fedora

Internationaal Linux nieuws - 22 maart, 2017 - 15:38
There are many options in the Fedora repositories for quickly modifying the page order of a PDF document. In Fedora, two of the easiest-to-use GUI tools for modifying PDFs are PDFMod and PDFShuffler. While GUI tools are well suited to... Continue Reading →
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Asus Tinker Board – Chromium YouTube Performance

Internationaal Linux nieuws - 22 maart, 2017 - 14:15
Multimedia enthusiasts will appreciate the Tinker Board’s H.264 and H.265 playback support, including playback of HD and UHD video, but this requires a video player using hardware acceleration. A Rockchip video player is in development which will offer hardware accelerated playback of videos. But its release date is some way off.
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Adobe buddies up with Microsoft for new ways to mine your data

Internationaal Linux nieuws - 22 maart, 2017 - 11:56
Adobe and Microsoft have announced new product integrations along with the XDM (Experience Data Model) language for interchanging behavioural and marketing data between platforms.
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Diversity Makes Projects More Successful

Internationaal Linux nieuws - 22 maart, 2017 - 10:33
Open source projects are by their nature intended to be welcoming, pulling in contributions from many different volunteers. But in reality, open source and the tech industry in general often lack diversity. Speaking at the Open Source Leadership Summit in February, Mozilla’s Chief Innovation Officer Katharina Borchert told the crowd that working to bring ethnic, gender, and skill diversity to open source projects isn’t just the right thing to do because of moral grounds, it’s the right thing to do to make projects more successful.
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Interact with the Intel Edison Using SparkFun Blocks

Internationaal Linux nieuws - 22 maart, 2017 - 09:10
In the previous article, I looked at the Intel Edison -- how fast it was, and how much power it needed. This time, I will show how to start getting the Edison board to interact with surrounding electronics with the help of SparkFun Blocks.
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Old Linux kernel security bug bites

Internationaal Linux nieuws - 22 maart, 2017 - 07:47
OK, hands up, who knows what High-Level Data Link Control (HDLC) is? It's an archaic networking data framing protocol that's used in modems, X.25, frame-relay, ISDN, and other now uncommon networking technologies. I know it because I used to work with them back in the day. You'll get to know it now because a researcher discovered a security hole hidden within the Linux kernel driver that implements it.
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Rugged, Linux-ready sandwich style SBC packs Skylake CPUs

Internationaal Linux nieuws - 22 maart, 2017 - 06:24
VersaLogic calls its dual-layer Blackbird an Embedded Processing Unit (EPU). Like the other VersaLogic EPUs we’ve seen, such as the Atom-based Osprey EPU, the Blackbird is a three-layer sandwich consisting of a COM Express module in the middle, a same-sized I/O interface board on the top, and a heat spreader on the bottom.
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The Linux Foundations Arpit Joshipura to Host Open Networking Q&A on Twitter

Internationaal Linux nieuws - 22 maart, 2017 - 05:02
On Friday, March 31, The Linux Foundation will kick off a new initiative. No, it’s not a new project, event, or training course, although there are plenty of those in store. Instead, the foundation will begin a monthly Twitter chat, called #AskLF, with leaders at the organization.
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Ways To Encrypt Files In Linux

Internationaal Linux nieuws - 22 maart, 2017 - 03:39
One of the most important things for any user is the security, if a user is running a vulnerable system, his information is in danger. If you want to have your information insured, you must do more than having a strong operating system, you must encrypt your files.
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How to Install a Production Ready Naemon Monitoring Server

Internationaal Linux nieuws - 22 maart, 2017 - 02:16
Naemon is the new monitoring suite that aims to be fast, stable and innovative while giving you a clear view of the state of your network and applications.This is a replacement for Nagios server and very stable and uses an amazing dashboard called thruk.
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