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Red Hat moves into remote offices with Hyperconverged Infrastructure

Internationaal Linux nieuws - 23 juni, 2017 - 14:46
Red Hat's new Hyperconverged Infrastructure brings datacenter capabilites into your branch offices.
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Are you a Python coder?

Internationaal Linux nieuws - 23 juni, 2017 - 13:20
It seems like every day I'm coming across a new project written in Python.read more
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openSUSE Tumbleweed Gets Qt 5.9, Linux Kernel 4.11.6, and MP3 Out-Of-The-Box

Internationaal Linux nieuws - 23 juni, 2017 - 11:55
Users of the openSUSE Tumbleweed operating system are getting a lot of the latest GNU/Linux technologies and Open Source software applications lately as a total of seven snapshots were released this week.
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Rugged ADAS computer does surround-view monitoring and tracking

Internationaal Linux nieuws - 23 juni, 2017 - 10:29
The VIA Mobile360 Surround View Sample Kit, which runs Android on an octa-core SoC, provides real-time 360° vehicle monitoring, recording, and tracking. VIA Technologies has unveiled an embedded computer kit for commercial vehicles that integrates inputs from 4x automotive-grade Sharp FOV-190 or FOV-50 cameras.
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8 ways to contribute to open source when you have no time

Internationaal Linux nieuws - 23 juni, 2017 - 09:03
One of the most common reasons people give for not contributing (or not contributing more) to open source is a lack of time. I get it; life is challenging, and there are so many priorities vying for your limited attention. So how can you find the time in your busy life to contribute to the open source projects you care about?read more
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Continuous monitoring of server resources utilization using custom scripts

Internationaal Linux nieuws - 23 juni, 2017 - 07:37
Monitoring IT infrastructure is essential to ensure its stability. Choosing an efficient, scalable, customizable, and light-weight solution for this has always been a challenge with changing requirements. Custom scripts can be used to achieve this smartly unlike the agent-based monitoring method in which all data defaulted by the monitoring tool used will be collected. This article describes the custom script method for monitoring system resources. In this method, the data collector(s) scripts running on data collector node will poll the target systems for data and so can decide on what data to be pulled.
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Linus Torvalds Explains How Linux Still Surprises and Motivates Him

Internationaal Linux nieuws - 23 juni, 2017 - 06:11
Linus Torvalds took to the stage in China for the first time Monday at LinuxCon + ContainerCon + CloudOpen China in Beijing. In front of a crowd of nearly 2,000, Torvalds spoke with VMware Head of Open Source Dirk Hohndel in one of their famous “fireside chats” about what motivates and surprises him and how aspiring open source developers can get started. Here are some highlights of their talk.What’s surprising about Linux development
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NMAP OS Detection

Internationaal Linux nieuws - 23 juni, 2017 - 04:46
Sometimes on a network it is beneficial to know the Operating System (OS) of a machine. Accessing a system is easier when you know the OS because you can specifically search the Internet for known security holes in the OS. Granted, security holes are usually patched quickly, but you need to know when a security hole exists.Scanning your own network to detect the OS types can help you to see what a hacker will be able to see about your network.
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9 Linux network command you should know about!!!

Internationaal Linux nieuws - 23 juni, 2017 - 03:20
in this article we will be discussing diagnostic Linux network command that you should know!!
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Linux cksum command explained for beginners (with examples)

Internationaal Linux nieuws - 23 juni, 2017 - 01:54
In Linux, there's a command line tool that you can use to create/verify checksum. It's dubbed cksum. Most vendors offer a checksum (or a checksum-like code) corresponding to the file(s) being downloaded. If the file doesn't behave in an expected way, user's can recompute the file's checksum and compare it with the original checksum provided by the vendor to see if the file is intact or got corrupted.
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LFCS sed Command

Internationaal Linux nieuws - 23 juni, 2017 - 00:28
Another useful command for the Linux Foundation Certified SysAdmin (LFCS) is the 'sed' Command. The initials stand for 'Streaming EDitor'.The 'sed' Command is an editor that edits the file as a stream. To stream a file is to pass it from another command using pipes ([he]gt[/he] or |) or load it directly into 'sed'.
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Free Up Some Space in Ubuntu/LinuxMint With Ubuntu Cleaner (Fork of Janitor Module)

Internationaal Linux nieuws - 22 juni, 2017 - 23:03
Ubuntu Cleaner is a tool that makes it easy to clean your Ubuntu system.
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Popcorn Time Watch Movies and TV Shows On Linux

Internationaal Linux nieuws - 22 juni, 2017 - 21:37
?Watching your favorite TV shows and movies series is what you all guys do every day. Flash, Iron Fist or Moana and many more awesome movies and tv shows that we love to watch. The problems come when you are traveling. Many of your shows or movies are restricted to a particular region and cannot be accessed when you are traveling or want to just quickly watch that awesome flash punch from an episode of 1 month old.
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Practical Networking for Linux Admins: Real IPv6

Internationaal Linux nieuws - 22 juni, 2017 - 20:11
When last we met, we reviewed essential TCP/IP basics for Linux admins in Practical Networking for Linux Admins: TCP/IP. Here, we will review network and host addressing and find out whatever happened to IPv6?
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A user's guide to links in the Linux filesystem

Internationaal Linux nieuws - 22 juni, 2017 - 18:45
In articles I have written about various aspects of Linux filesystems for Opensource.com, including An introduction to Linux's EXT4 filesystem; Managing devices in Linux; An introduction to Linux filesystems; and A Linux user's guide to Logical Volread more
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Ztorg malware hid in Google Play to send premium-rate SMS texts, delete incoming SMS messages

Internationaal Linux nieuws - 22 juni, 2017 - 17:19
The Ztorg malware hid in apps on Google's Play Store to send premium-rate SMS texts and delete incoming SMS messages on Android devices.
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Linux clear command tutorial for beginners (3 examples)

Internationaal Linux nieuws - 22 juni, 2017 - 15:54
Sometimes, while working on the command line, you arrive at a point where there's too much text on the terminal screen, and none of that is relevant to you. So, in order to avoid distraction, you'd want to clear the terminal screen. Those new to the Linux command line may not know that there exists a dedicated command line utility that does this work for you.
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Fedora 26 beta finally rolls out

Internationaal Linux nieuws - 22 juni, 2017 - 14:28
Red Hat and community developers took their own sweet time, but the next version of Fedora is finally on the runway and ready to fly.
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Canonical Also Patches Ubuntu 12.04 LTS Against the Stack Clash Vulnerability

Internationaal Linux nieuws - 22 juni, 2017 - 13:02
Canonical today announced that it released a new kernel security update for the Ubuntu 12.04 LTS (Precise Pangolin) operating system series to patch the infamous Stack Clash vulnerability discovered recently by Qualys Research Labs.
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Robert Kaye -- Music Buff, Entrepreneur, Akademy Keynote Speaker

Internationaal Linux nieuws - 22 juni, 2017 - 11:36
Robert Kaye is definitely a brainz-over-brawn kinda guy. As the creator of MusicBrainz, ListenBrain and AcousticBrainz, all created and maintained under the MetaBrainz Foundation, he has pushed Free Software music cataloguing-tagging-classifying to the point it has more or less obliterated all the proprietary options.
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