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7 ways to discuss legal matters with an open community

Internationaal Linux nieuws - 22 maart, 2017 - 00:53
Having watched a fair number of people attempt to engage both the Open Source Initiative's licensing evaluation community and the Apache Software Foundation's legal affairs committee, I'd like to offer some hints and tips for succeeding when it's your turn to conduct a legal discussion with an open community.read more
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Linux, not Microsoft, the real winner of Windows Server on ARM

Internationaal Linux nieuws - 21 maart, 2017 - 23:30
Cutting to the heart of it, it doesn't actually matter if Microsoft releases Windows Server for ARM. Windows isn't the future and even Microsoft knows it. The upcoming availability of SQL server on Linux is all the proof we need that the game is over and, in the data centre at least, Microsoft didn't win.
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OpenSSH 7.5 Has Security Fixes, Removes OpenSSL 1.0 Support for Portable OpenSSH

Internationaal Linux nieuws - 21 maart, 2017 - 22:07
OpenSSH, the cross-platform and open-source 100% complete SSH 2.0 protocol implementation offering both SFTP server and client support was updated today to version 7.5.
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Firefox gets complaint for labeling unencrypted login page insecure

Internationaal Linux nieuws - 21 maart, 2017 - 20:44
The operator of a website that accepts subscriber logins only over unencrypted HTTP pages has taken to Mozilla's Bugzilla bug-reporting service to complain that the Firefox browser is warning that the page isn't suitable for the transmission of passwords."Your notice of insecure password and/or log-in automatically appearing on the log-in for my website, Oil and Gas International, is not wanted and was put there without our permission, Please remove it immediately. We have our own security system, and it has never been breached in more than 15 years. Your notice is causing concern by our subscribers and is detrimental to our business."
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Command-line document conversion tools for writers

Internationaal Linux nieuws - 21 maart, 2017 - 19:21
Today, we have ample tools available for editing memos, letters, essays, books, presentation slides, and other documents on our computers. This can be both an advantage and a disadvantage: on the one hand, if you don't like a piece of software, you can simply move on to another one any time; on the other hand, a lot of these tools, especially proprietary software, are fully compatible with their own formats only.read more
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Buku – A Powerful Command-line Bookmark Manager for Linux

Internationaal Linux nieuws - 21 maart, 2017 - 17:58
Buku is a powerful Command-line bookmark management utility written in Python3 and SQLite3 for Linux and Mac.
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Bad Voltage Live 2017 from SCALE

Internationaal Linux nieuws - 21 maart, 2017 - 16:35
Bad Voltage Live 2017 from SCALE has been released. In it we discuss Cloudflare, IoT, System76, why technology seems to never work, and much much more. There's also a quiz show, IGNot, a few special guest appearances, and the chance to win a Dell Sputnik laptop.
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How to deploy Kubernetes on the Raspberry Pi

Internationaal Linux nieuws - 21 maart, 2017 - 15:12
When I became interested in ARM devices, and in the Raspberry Pi in particular, my first project was an OpenVPN server.By having the Raspberry Pi as a secure gateway to my home network, I could use my phone to control my desktop and remotely play Spotify, open documents, and a bunch of other fun things. I used an existing tutorial for that first project because I was afraid of piping anything into the command line on my own.read more
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DRM in HTML5 takes its next step toward standardization

Internationaal Linux nieuws - 21 maart, 2017 - 13:49
Encrypted Media Extensions (EME), a mechanism by which HTML5 video providers can discover and enable DRM providers offered by a browser, has taken the next step on its contentious road to standardization. The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C), the standards body that oversees most Web-related specifications, has moved the EME specification to the Proposed Recommendation stage.
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Solus Users Get MATE 1.18 and Linux Kernel 4.9.16, Budgie 10.3 Coming Very Soon

Internationaal Linux nieuws - 21 maart, 2017 - 12:27
Solus maintainer Joshua Strobl is informing users of the independently-developed GNU/Linux distribution about the availability of some of the latest updated packages, as well as upcoming features.
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The Intel Edison: Linux Maker Machine in a Matchbox

Internationaal Linux nieuws - 21 maart, 2017 - 11:04
The Intel Edison is a physically tiny computer that draws a small amount of power and breaks out plenty of connections to allow it to interact with other electronics. It begs to be the brain of your next electronics tinkering project, with all the basics in a tiny package and an easy way to connect other things you might need.
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WebVR and AFrame Bringing VR to Web at the Virtuleap Hackathon

Internationaal Linux nieuws - 21 maart, 2017 - 09:41
Imagine an online application that lets city planners walk through three-dimensional virtual versions of proposed projects, or a math program that helps students understand complex concepts by visualizing them in three dimensions. Both CityViewR and MathworldVR are amazing applications experiences.
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Jetson TX2 module gains third party carrier boards

Internationaal Linux nieuws - 21 maart, 2017 - 08:18
Connect Tech released three carriers for the Jetson TX2 and TX1: Cogswell with GigE Vision, Spacely for cam-intensive Pixhawk drones, and a $99 Sprocket. Last April, Connect Tech announced an Astro carrier board for Nvidia’s Tegra X1-driven Jetson TX1 COM, and then followed up with the Orbitty and Elroy boards in May.
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Linus Torvalds Announces the Third Release Candidate of the Linux 4.11 Kernel

Internationaal Linux nieuws - 21 maart, 2017 - 06:55
It's still Sunday in the US, and that means Linus Torvalds has prepared yet another Release Candidate (RC) milestone for the upcoming Linux 4.11 kernel for GNU/Linux distros.
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Docker at 4: The Container Revolution Continues

Internationaal Linux nieuws - 21 maart, 2017 - 05:32
Four years ago, few had heard about Docker. Now it's one of the leading technologies helping to enable DevOps and microservices deployments around the world.
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Plasma Team Discusses Web-browser integration, Bundled Apps and new Features

Internationaal Linux nieuws - 21 maart, 2017 - 04:09
In February, KDE's Plasma team came together in for their yearly in-person meeting. The meeting was kindly hosted by von Affenfels GmbH, a webdesign agency in Stuttgart, Germany. The team discussed a wide variety of topics, such as design, features new and old, bugs and sore points in the current implementation, app distribution, also project management, internal and outward-facing communication and Wayland.
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How One Service Provider Developed On Demand Network Services with SDN and NFV

Internationaal Linux nieuws - 21 maart, 2017 - 02:46
IT virtualization has radically changed the face of compute, storage, and network services in data centers and beyond. In response, Colt -- a network and communications service provider -- back in 2015 began developing a program that has transformed the way the company offers network services to customers, says Javier Benitez, Senior Network Architect, Colt Technology Services, who will be speaking at Open Networking Summit.
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How to deploy Node.js Applications with pm2 and Nginx on Ubuntu

Internationaal Linux nieuws - 21 maart, 2017 - 01:23
pm2 is a process manager for Node.js applications, it allows you to keep your apps alive and has a built-in load balancer. In this tutorial, I will show you how to install and configure pm2 for the simple 'Express' application and then configure Nginx as a reverse proxy for the node application that is running under pm2.
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Internationaal Linux nieuws - 21 maart, 2017 - 00:00
I am pleased to announce PiCluster v1.7
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How to Reduce Stress and Achieve Development Nirvana

Internationaal Linux nieuws - 20 maart, 2017 - 22:37
Nirvana, in this plane of existence at least, is a state of contentment, according to Corey A. Butler, creator of the Fenix Web Server and Author.io, a venture that provides software and services for developers. In his talk at Node.js Interactive, Butler said there are two things that stand in the way of achieving a state of development nirvana: one is the time spent coding and thinking about code, and the other is stress.
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