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Linux command line tools for working with non-Linux users

Internationaal Linux nieuws - 2 november, 2017 - 15:15
If you work within a Linux terminal, working with non-Linux users can be difficult. These tools help with document compatibility and companywide instant messaging.
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How to explain OpenStack to a complete newcomer

Internationaal Linux nieuws - 2 november, 2017 - 13:49
I still remember when I was a beginner at OpenStack. I was at American Express and was rolling off a five-year data center migration project. I was looking for something else to get into. When I finally met with my executive leadership for a new project, I was told, "we're starting a new internal cloud using OpenStack and we'd like you to lead the architecture effort for the cloud infrastructure group." I figured I'd just Google "OpenStack" and I'd find all sorts of guides and tutorials. I thought "I'll have this built in no time." Boy was I wrong.read more
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